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A Brighter Smile

About Diode Laser Teeth Whitening


Few would disagree: a bright, white smile is attractive. And many of the foods and drinks we are attracted to stain our teeth. What to do?

First and foremost, regular cleanings by a dental hygienist can help, along with brushing your teeth and gums at least once a day. Try some of the whitening toothpastes (there are always new ones coming on the market, no one can keep up) to see if they "whiten your smile."

If this doesn't give you the results you want, our dental office offers a next step. Our technology creates whiter, brighter teeth, but it will never be found in the supermarket. The same FDA-approved high-tech laser equipment we use now (see here) on many dental procedures also allows us to offer our patients "diode laser whitening." It's easy and comfortable.

This whitening is not done by the laser directly, but in combination with a proprietary gel activated by the selective absorption characteristics of a specific true-laser wavelength of light. It often takes only a single one-hour visit.

With this, the Covington area has one of the most advanced, widely-accepted and effective tooth whitening methods in use anywhere. Even for deeply stained teeth, yellowed or gray in color, "diode laser teeth whitening" offers results where others failed.

Note: As with most all high-quality teeth whitening procedures, our system works only on natural tooth enamel. We evaluate the status of any old fillings, crowns, or other aesthetic restorations prior to treatment. Replacement of any inadequate restorations so they will match the newly whitened teeth might be recommended after whitening.


Cosmetic dentistry is simply dentistry. We consider how your teeth look–how you feel they impact your appearance–no less important than anything else we do. Talk to us if you have even a slight concern.