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Q&A with Dr. David Wheeler

Answers about care, costs and other concerns

If you could tell the world just one thing about caring for their teeth, what would you say?

It's vital to get little dental problems fixed early. Preventing major (and minor) problems is good, basic health care. Not only is it "more comfortable," it is also less costly.

Preventive care is part of my professional philosophy. I believe high quality oral health care includes the absolute minimum in discomfort and inconvenience. This is easier to achieve early on. A good preventive program in a modern, clean, relaxed atmosphere makes dentistry more enjoyable for everyone–patient and dentist.

So, prevention avoids pain in the mouth and the wallet?
Yes, but that's missing a major point. Besides missing a few days of discomfort and having a few more dollars in your pocket, getting the little problems fixed early can mean keeping your smile for a lifetime.

Dr. David Wheeler

Dr. David Wheeler

Using the latest proven dental techniques, in a program based on prevention, is very effective. Good oral care can also increase your lifetime, lowering the risk of other health problems such as heart disease and cancer. This is why we offer a complete range of dental services––including restorative, periodontic, prosthetic, implants, endodontic and surgical procedures. Timely treatment is vital in sustaining your dental health. If a situation requires specialized procedures, we take a team approach with specialists who share our philosophy about minimum discomfort and inconvenience. With the right care, your teeth can give you a lifetime of function and beauty.

Doesn't it bother you that people dislike going to the dentist?
I don't take it personally, but it does concern me when my patients are anxious. Since 1984, when I started practicing here in the Highlands, I've noticed that our patients have become more relaxed and comfortable. We work at being as gentle as we possibly can. People are learning that modern dentistry is not painful. There are a variety of ways to help people relax–anyone who has a special concern or worry will find a sympathetic ear here.

What about, eh, you know, hmm, the uh... the cost?
Too many people are afraid to ask about finances. That's why, even if you don't ask, we provide a detailed, written cost estimate with a complete description of your treatment plan. Our administrative staffs can handle even the most complex insurance policies. They'll make sure you receive the maximum coverage you're due. It's customary that fees for the initial examination and emergency charges be satisfied at the time of the appointment.

We accept all major credit cards. Working with CareCredit, our office now offers "no interest" programs for 6, 12, 18 and even 24 months on qualifying procedures. (As typical, interest will be charged to your CareCredit credit card account from the purchase date if it is not paid in full within the promotional period. Minimum monthly payments are required. The required monthly payments may not pay off the purchase before end of the promotional period.) Learn more here.

So you like being a dentist?
Yes. Of course, it's not exactly as I thought it would be when I began school. D.D.S. stands for Doctor of Dental Surgery. A degree called "D.D.S. & E," with the final letter for "education," might be more appropriate.

I've learned that teaching good home health care, explaining the need for prevention (including regular check-ups) and listening to specific concerns are no less a part of dentistry than restoring a tooth. But, that's not a complaint. I enjoy all aspects of dentistry that involve working with people. When the patient, the hygienist, the doctor and the staff all work together, it's very satisfying for everyone.

Anything "new and modern" in your office?
You can read about our water laser technology here. If you're seeking whiter teeth, learn about diode laser whitening here. If you are missing teeth, ask me about the refinements in implant technology. This technique allows us to fill gaps with artificial teeth. It is working successfully where dentures have failed. If you are not satisfied with your dentures or have a missing tooth, you may be a candidate for an implant. It costs nothing to come in for an exam to discuss specifics. Or better, call me. (Toll Free 1-800-766-2561)


I don't want to bother you, but...

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